In this section we briefly intend to describe how we manage our Core Business:

Through our robust Quality System, the performance of our personnel is continuously monitored and measured in accordance with our ISO standard internal procedure and by annual inspectors audit plan.
Our Procedure are oriented to measure the quality key factor identified and summarized as follows:

  • Knowledge of PO requirements
  • Knowledge of specifications, code and applicable standard
  • Inspection file organization and completeness
  • Inspection requirements fulfillment
  • Accuracy of information reported
  • Consistency of accurateness in reporting the activities and results
  • Timely communication of finding
  • And many other factor

T.EX.IN organization has an internal Intranet network, allowing our Inspectors and Expediting to consult Specifications, Code, Standards, laws and regulations directly during service delivery.

T.EX.IN Quality Management System is documented and made operative by a system which include, among others, the following purpose:

  1. Document and report their Quality Policy and its objectives
  2. Describe its effectiveness through a Quality Manual
  3. Include documented procedures required by standard references and all those considered necessary by the organization
  4. Include documents needed by the organization to ensure effective planning, operation and control of its processes
  5. Define records required by standard and by system

Continuous learning is then an integral part of our Quality System and whenever deficiencies are detected, these are always used for improvement.

We are proud to contribute even in a small way, to the Customers strategic growth.

We highly value Customer communication and as such interact closely with Client sharing best practices, lessons Learned and solving Client request in a timely fashion.