Our Quality Philosophy and approach to service execution can be summarized as follows:

  • Fulfil Customer satisfaction;
  • Work as a single team with Client in total cooperation for the mutual benefit;
  • Awareness and Full Transparency;
  • Implementation of “Lessons Learned” and High attention to Quality in all Project Life phases;
  • HR Selection with necessary and adequate background;
  • Training.
  • Orientation and Education to HSE
  • Work in close liaison with the Customers, helping in identifying and solving problems.

Core Business

Find out what is the Core Business of T.EX.IN. and learn how we keep growing and how we become a leading company in our area of business. We can provide the best services and the commodity you need. Learn more about T.EX.IN.


These are our services, our work and our profession. Here you can know all about the functions of our company, what we do and what we are. T.EX.IN. covers area all over the world and we are always looking for expansion!


T.EX.IN. Operates all over the world. Our company has carried out many operations in different geographical areas of the world. In this section you will find all the projects developed by our company, all inspections and more.


Visit this section if you need a full overview of all our Commodity Specialty. In this section you will discover all our Commodity Specialty and all our specializations.
We are proud of our resources and the services we can provide with them.