T.EX.IN Srl is an Inspection Company settled in 1999, based on the idea of the five partners:

Alida Milesi, Angelo Como, Roberto Dazzi, Romolo Como, Stefano Tacente

Partners with a solid background and experience in international Oil & Gas market who trusted in a mission of becoming a worldwide Inspection Company and rapidly established with success as a reliable brand to provide a wide range of services to the Oil & Gas, Engineering, Energy, Industrial & Construction, Drilling and Power Plants Companies, for International & Domestic Markets.

Today, thanks to a continuous growing and the strong will to become a Global Provider Inspection Company, as well as the Partnership and Affiliation consolidated with high reputed world wide twin inspection agencies,

We are proud to say that we feel our initial target is now achieved and this is for us just a begin .

In the Texin growing process a fundamental part is to be recognized to Texin Quality Vision and its Clients which takes service providers to participate as real partners in the Inspection business and not only.

Thank you Customers all.